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  1. Sebastian Lundgren

    Will you ever start shipping to Sweden?

  2. Would you consider shipping to Canada? I would pay the complete shipping cost or even ship via regular letter. Let me know thanks!

  3. You guys should definitely make like a two minute YouTube video on how to install.

  4. Just ordered my set of stickers, can’t wait to add this finishing touch to my Pixel XL


    Would love to get a sticker strip for my hp chromebook 13. What all would you need to make them for that?

  6. Looks great! How about the non-XL Pixel? 🙂

  7. Hey, PayPalMe won’t work, buy I have regular PayPal. Is this an option please?

    • That should be fine just pay in USD ($9 for US address or $10 for the rest of the world) and be sure to include your mailing address in the notes

  8. Any shipping to Israel?

  9. Brandon Veerasammy

    Will you make a regular pixel version (non XL)?

  10. Junior Shepherd

    Hi! Many others may laugh at this idea, but i think this looks really awesome! I have an idea in mind for you guys. How about you make the long colored strip below the fingerprint sensor, a glow in the dark one? To kind of give of the effect that it is switched on?

  11. Would it be possible for you to make these for the regular 5 inch pixel. I would like to order but I do not have the xl

  12. Are Pixel decals definitely happening?

  13. Pixel 5″ please? Thanks.

  14. If someone provided you with precise Pixel (5″) measurements, would you consider making those as well? I’m getting a Black Pixel soon and would love one of these!

    • I’ve gotten measurements from a friend and sent some samples for him to fit to his Pixel. I’ll open preorders shortly

  15. I’m really only intertested in the colored G. It looks amnazing, great job.

  16. How well would they fit on my iPhone 7+?

    • The lightbar stickers are 2.6″ wide for the Pixel XL. I don’t have an iPhone 7 to check but measure yours and let me know

  17. Raphael Barreiros is not available on Brazil, but I have a normal paypal account. Can I send you money through normal PP?

  18. I just ordered a set for my Pixel XL – looking forward to adding some color! Thanks!

  19. Tricks up his sleeves

    I’m loving this, really gives the phone a more unique feeling.

    I have a question though, how does the process go after you pay through PayPal what happens then?

    • My daughter and I cut the stickers and put them in an envelope. We address it to you, and I drop them off at the post office. They are then on the way to you via USPS.

      • Tricks up his sleeves

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        So does that mean all I have to do now is to wait? Is there any tracking system involved, or do I just have to be patient?

        • The orders are sent via USPS first class mail. We are caught up and shipping orders every evening so for the Pixel XL stickers we’ve been able to ship them the next day in most cases.

  20. I made an order but forgot to specify that it was for a pixel not a pixel xl. What do I need to do?

  21. Any idea when orders after the 27 will be shipped?

    • We are usually able to ship orders the next business day. We are planning to send Pixel and Pixel XL orders received Friday, Saturday, and Sunday out on Monday. Thanks

  22. I got mine installed and the line looks great. The G isn’t quite perfect, but i still like it 🙂
    Add a note, if someone wants these stickers, but also wants a case the rhinoshield crush guard bumper case works perfect!
    I’m loving the way mine looks now.

  23. Just saw this on Reddit. I’ll be back in the Ville on the 19th. Can I just pick them up? Cash monies.

  24. Do you have an image of how it looks like on the really blue color of pixel?

  25. Why dont you make it a one piece sticker. It will be so easy to apply.


    • In order to make them one piece, the colors would be printed onto a white piece of vinyl. That isn’t as durable. These stickers are separate pieces because they are cut from 4 different colors of vinyl.

  26. I dont have a paypal account, and I am from India. Is there any other way I can buy these stickers ?

  27. hi.. can u ship to singapore?

  28. Hi, do you carry a solid color Google “G” in yellow or red for my Pixel XL? Mine is blue and that last part of the G in blue makes that part of the G not look right because it seems missing even when it’s stuck in the cut out so I want a solid color (yellow or red) instead.

  29. Does the “G” LOGO fit with Pixel 2 XL?

  30. Gonna be making these for the Pixel 3? Dying to get these stickers for my new pixel. Bought them from you before for original pixel.

  31. George Coutermarsh Jr

    Hey.Just wondering if you still had or made these?

  32. Asia satterwhite

    Hey I was wondering if you made these for the Google pixel 3a XL ?

  33. Hi are you still making the light bars? I would like one for my pixel 3a

  34. Hi Bill Stebbins,

    I am ready to order light bar stickers for my pixel 3a

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